Are you considering hiring extra personnel to conduct your payroll?

Do you need the flexibility to help you manage your cash flow?

Do you need help managing worker timesheets?

Do you need help with managing your human resource responsibilities?

Are you up to date with current awards and agreements?

Aus Labour and Recruitment can help you with all these and more. We make it cheaper and easier to manage your workforce for you, or simply manage your weekly payroll. Flexible and customised packages are available to suit your individual needs.

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EMPLOYEES 1-7 8-14 15-24 25-39 40-55 55+
SETUP FEES (ONCE OFF) $500 $750 $1000 $1500 $2000 By negotiation
PAYROLL FEE $400 $700 $900 $1250 $1600 By negotiation

*Based upon Client paying for payroll upfront. Extra charges apply for Aus Labour and Recruitment to fund the payroll.


“I first contacted Ashley in desperation as we were chasing diesel technicians as well as truck parts people without any success. Ash managed to find a very high class of recruits and our company has benefited greatly from this injection of skill.

Aus Labour and Recruitment offers great value for money, as we all know in the busy pace of business these days having to advertise, screen and interview potential applicants take time and energy, something we find we don’t have.”