Small business easy cash-flow permanent talent and recruitment solutions

Aus Labour & Recruitment offers first-class recruitment solutions for small business services in Melbourne and Tasmania with easy payment terms.

Imagine as a small business owner having direct access to professional recruitment services that normally only large businesses can afford. Well now you can! Aus Labour can help you hire the best talent available to ensure you drive your business to the next level. Whilst small businesses often recruit in-house thinking it will be a more cost-effective alternative to utilising a recruitment specialist, a lack of resources and experience in-house can cost your business significantly in the long term. Here at Aus Labour we take the worry out of permanent recruitment and associated costs and deliver the best talent to you.

Minimise the risk, remove the guess work.

Finding the right talent for a small business is often one of the hardest things a business can do; it is also the most important. Recruitment outsourcing for a small business can be the most important investment that you’ll make to help you drive your business to the next level.

Let Aus Labour & Recruitment find the right person for your needs – remove the guess work, cost and stress of hiring unsuitable employees. Understanding that employing staff can be a great financial risk to any business, our team of recruitment specialists understand what drives performance and will ensure that the right candidates are sourced to minimise this risk.

What’s the cost to my business?

We offer small business a solution to get professional recruitment services that are generally reserved for large business due to the cost of recruitment being prohibitive, for example 15% of wage upfront.

  • Aus Labour offer a service where you pay a weekly fee rather than a hefty upfront payment that can negatively affect your cash flow.
  • We do all the leg work for you and arrange a payment plan that doesn’t disrupt your budget.
  • All our staff come with a three month satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not happy we will find a suitable replacement

A smart business investment.

We take the stress out of finding the right people for your business – let our team of recruiters do the hard yards when it comes to sourcing employees for your small-to-medium business.

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help your small business grow and thrive by recruiting appropriately skilled and motivated employees.

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“WE have found AUS labour easy to deal with and look forward to working with you in the future should we require more services.”
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